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Vol 8 No 3 May / June 2003
Blitzkrieg is Back
Update: 07 May, 2003


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Truman:  Med
Lincoln:  San Dig
Roosevelt:  Med
Vinson:  WestPac
Nimitz: WestPac 
Constellation: Australia 
Kitty Hawk:  Japan
Ark Royal : Gulf

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USS Intrepid

USS Saratoga (CV-3/60)

USS Hornet (CV-12)

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)

USS Midway (CV-41)

USS Wasp (CV-18)

USS Independence (CV-62) 30 September 1998- San Diego
USS America (CV-66
9 Aug 1996 Reserve - Norfolk
USS Ranger (CV-61)
10 Jul 1995 Reserve - Bremerton
USS Saratoga (CV-60)
30 Sep 1994 Stricken - Philadelphia
USS Forrestal (AVT-59)
10 Sep 1993 Stricken - Philadelphia

May 7th: I don't know if Saddam is dead, but three weeks wasn't too bad. The battle plan went well, faster than Gulf War I. The Navy lost 3 aircraft, an S-3B, an F/A-18C and an F-14.

March 6th: Within 3 weeks Saddam will be dead. Six US carrier battlegroups are gathering in the region: In the Med: Truman and TR, In the Gulf: Lincoln, Constellation, Kitty Hawk with Nimitz due within the week, Arc Royal from Britain. Covering the Pacific is Vinson

February 24th: Countdown to War It is almost certain that Gulf War II will commence before March is finished. The new moon, with the allied advantage in night fighting is March 3rd. This is probably too early for an attack, but you never know, the next new moon is April 1st. While this may not be a consideration with the current state of Iraqi armed forces, why give them any chance to inflict casualties?

February 4th: Will Saddam Shoot First? If Saddam does not go into exile and realizes that the US will attack, will he decide to cause as many casualties as possible? If he catches the allied forces in their concentration areas with the WMD he supposedly hasn't got he may just as well let everything he has go. Fire off all the missiles and bio weapons causing as many casualties as he can, hoping that it may be enough to save his bacon.

If he is that crazy will the US be able to detect any movement of his forces that will accomplish this? Probably. But you never know, one throw of the dice and he may go for it.

December 29th: The Carriers Gather. GW will set sail for the Gulf again after only just completing it's most recent deployment to the region on December 21st. Joining her will probably be the Lincoln, currently in Perth or the Kitty Hawk in Japan. 

December 10th: CVN-77: George H W Bush. 

June 3rd: The F/A-18E will deploy aboard Lincoln this month to SW Asia. This will be the first operational deployment of the aircraft and is expected to be sent immediately into combat.

June 3rd:
13 sailors aboard Nimitz were arrested last week for drug abuse.

March 3rd:
An F-14 Tomcat fighter jet from the carrier John F. Kennedy crashed into the Mediterranean Sea 50 miles south of Crete on Saturday, killing its pilot and injuring its radar intercept officer. Both had ejected before it hit the water.

The pilot was Lt. Cmdr. Christopher M. Blaschum, 33, of Virginia Beach Va. was assigned to VF-143.

January 31st: With the State of the Union address Bush declares "Let's Roll". And so the the U.S. will continue the war on terror even without allies. As it should. No country or those it harbours should be immune from retribution should it consider any action against the U.S.  

October 30th: Lockheed won the $200 Bill. contract to build the Joint Strike Fighter, now known as the F-35. This includes 609 aircraft for the Marines, 480 for the U.S. Navy and 60 for the U.K. Navy. The first deliveries are due in 2005. The Boeing X-32 was the rival in the contract.

The Enterprise has entered the Med and is due home at Norfolk in mid-November.

October 18th: OBL: Dead Man Walking The war rolls on, ever heavier raids are now also being targeted on the Taliban forces. TR has apparently appeared on the line and Kitty Hawk has been outfitted with special forces. The Nimitz has transited to it's new homeport at Sandig with a reserve air wing (20) aboard.

For more news go to NewsBytes 2001

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U.S. Carrier Locations

Planned start in 2006
$110mill R&D for 1999

CVN-77: George HW Bush
Planned start in 2001
$3.8bill contract let for building 2001
$213mill for 1999
Only $50mill appropriated for 1998
$18mill appropriated for R&D 1997, a further $300m may be found in the current budget
Commissioning: 2008

PCU Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
Future Homeport: NAS North Island
Under Construction
Commissioning: 2002

USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk

USS John C Stennis (CVN-74)
CVW-9 NG / CCG 7

2002: Deployed SW Asia November 12 2001 to 28 May 2002 
Milestones: 1,898 strike missions over Afghanistan dropping 275,00 pounds bombs.

USS George Washington (CVN-73)
Med/Gulf Cruise 2000
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)


Schedule: WestPac Cruise June 2002

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk  

USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)
Homeport: N.S. Everett
2001/2002:  Med/SW Asia Cruise  - Homecoming January 23
Schedule:  Refuel 2004

USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk


USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

Gulf 2003

USS John F Kennedy (CV-67)
CVW-1 AB / CCG 6
Med/SW Asia Cruise 2002

2002:  Deployed February 16

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
Med-Gulf Cruise 2001
N.S. Norfolk
: Deployment April 25 , Naples June 6-13,  North of Ireland June 29, Lisbon July 2, Ionian Sea July 11 - 18, SW Asia October 
Schedule:  Homecoming mid-November

USS Constellation (CV-64)

:  Deployed Gulf November 3 2002
Schedule: Decommissioning on return

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
Planned De-commissioning 2008
2001/2002: .Deployed SW Asia October (less air wing)


Admiral Kuznetsov

Principe De Asturias


HMS Invincible (R 07)
1999: Refit Portsmouth October

HMS Illustrious (R 06)
2000: Deployed to Gulf January 17, Atlantic January 19

HMS Ark Royal (R08)
1999: Rosyth naval base major Refit October

CVF 1 / 2
100 million pounds awarded November 1999

Charles de Gaulle (R 91)

Commissioned July 1999, Toulon October 4
Foch (R 99)
Toulon Apr 97, Antalya Turkey October12 1998, Adriatic June 1999
Clemenceau (R 98)
Jeanne D'Arc (R 97)
Brest,Training for Officers

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