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Carriers at War: Vietnam Time Line
PCU Ronald Reagan site

5th Year of Publication

Vol 6 No 3 May /June 2001
Bush Promises Alot, Delivers Little
Update: June 1st Carriers at a Glance:

the latest news

Truman: Gulf
Stennis: SanDig
Washington: Norfolk
Lincoln: Everett
Roosevelt: Atlantic
Vinson: Pacific
Nimitz: Newport News
Kennedy: Atlantic
Enterprise: Norfolk
Constellation: Fort Lauderdale
Kitty Hawk: South China Sea
Invincible : Portsmouth
Illustrious : Gulf
Ark Royal : Rosyth

Carriers: Links
CVF Future UK Carrier
CVX Future Carrier
Site for Future Carrier Studies
USS Intrepid

USS Saratoga (CV-3/60)

USS Hornet (CV-12)

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)

USS Midway (CV-41)

USS Wasp (CV-18)

Carriers: Decommissioned
USS Independence (CV-62) 30 September 1998- San Diego
USS America (CV-66
9 Aug 1996 Reserve - Norfolk
USS Ranger (CV-61)
10 Jul 1995 Reserve - Bremerton
USS Saratoga (CV-60)
30 Sep 1994 Stricken - Philadelphia
USS Forrestal (AVT-59)
10 Sep 1993 Stricken - Philadelphia

June 1st President Bush's supplementary budget allocation of $5.9 Bill to the defence appropriations seems quite stingy when compared to the promises he made to strengthen the US military during the election campaign.

So he might wait to next year's budget for any substantial improvement, but by 4th quarter things will get very tight once again as the supplement will not likely cover short falls in maintenance and operations.

The defence review, due shortly, will have a big impact on the next fiscal budget, it will be interesting to see which programs will be cut and wether a real strengthening of the military will result.

May 7th China Vs the US With the capture and subsequent release of the Navy EP-3 crew, China's relations with the U.S. continues to cool. This of course traces back to the last two centuries when China was subject to colonial rule and invasion and hence it's inability to overcome the "victim" mentality.

It's totalitarianism and lack of human rights will always grate with western values and so it should. Why this is passed off as an "Asian Way" by China and other countries in the region is simple: they wish to remain in power, their way of power. Opposition is always seen as counter-revolutionary, from Tianamin Square to Falun Gong, the moderates have been berated and expelled from the party or worse.

The military now wants to assert itself by forcing the U.S. from it's intelligence flights near it's coast. After a long series of harassing manoeuvres this has resulted in China causing the EP-3 to land on it's territory. The intelligence windfall might not be all that China would have wanted, the best had been destroyed, yet it has gained something. So has the U.S., it will not see China again as a strategic partner, rather as a rival, one that needs careful watching and strengthening ties with Taiwan.

Welcome to Carrier Aviation News, a regular newsletter that brings you the news around the Carrier Navy now in its 4th year. Want to contribute? then mail me David McCandless and maybe I can publish it here. Thanks to all those who have sent me mail and suggestions.

U.S. Carrier Locations

Planned start in 2006
$110mill R&D for 1999

Planned start in 2001
$3.8bill contract let for building 2001
$213mill for 1999
Only $50mill appropiated for 1998
$18mill appropiated for R&D 1997, a further $300m may be found in the current budget
Commissioning: 2008

PCU Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
Future Homeport: NAS North Island
Under Construction
Commissioning: 2002

USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75)
CVW-3 AC Med/Gulf Cruise 2000/01
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk
2000/2001: Deployed November 28, Souda Bay Crete December 20 - 24, Gulf January 16 - March 6

USS John C Stennis (CVN-74)
CVW-9 NG / CCG 7

2000: Deployed January 5, EastPac January 18, Hong Kong February 8-12, Gulf March 7-13, Bahrain March 20, Gulf April 3, Jebel Ali April 12, May 1, Hobart June 12-16, Pearl Harbour June 27, Homecoming July 3

USS George Washington (CVN-73)
Med/Gulf Cruise 2000
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk
2000: Deployed Med June 21, Gibralta July 4, Antalya, Turkey July 11 - 15, Suez 17, Gulf July 23 - September 5, Port Said September 30, Corfu October 5 - 8, Ionian Sea October 10, off Crete October 14, off Cypres October 20, Dubrovnik October 30-November 3, Trieste November 6, Naples November 20
Schedule: Homecoming December

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
WestPac Cruise 2000
2000/2001: Deployment August 17, WestPac September 5, Gulf October 2 - December 29, Perth January 12 - 16, Hobart January 21, Homecoming Everett February 12
Milestones: 72000th Trap June 19 1998
Schedule: SanDig February 10, WestPac Cruise June 2002

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk br> 2000: Overhaul(PIA) January 10 - July 2, Norfolk July 2, Atlantic July 28, October 2,Fort Lauderdale October 5

USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)
Homeport: N.S. Everett
2001: Pacific February 26
Schedule: WestPac cruise July 2001

USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk

2001: Atlantic February 26

USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
Gulf 2003
Milestones: May 9, 2000, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

USS John F Kennedy (CV-67)
CVW-1 AB / CCG 6
2001: Atlantic February 26

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
N.S. Norfolk
: Norfolk April 20, Atlantic May 1, NAS Pensacola June 9-13, Atlantic October 2, Fort Lauderdale October 5
Schedule: Med Cruise March 2001

USS Constellation (CV-64)

:North Island April 10, July 7, Seattle August 4 - 7, Pacific October 2, San Francisco October 6, Pacific November 6

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
Spring Cruise 2001
Planned De-commissioning 2008
2001: Deployed March 2 - 3.5 months.


Admiral Kuznetsov
Malta,'extended trials'

Principe De Asturias


HMS Invincible (R 07)
1999: Refit Portsmouth October

HMS Illustrious (R 06)
2000: Deployed to Gulf January 17, Atlantic January 19

HMS Ark Royal (R08)
1999: Rosyth naval base major Refit October

CVF 1 / 2
100 million pounds awarded November 1999

Charles de Gaulle (R 91)

Commissioned July 1999, Toulon October 4
Foch (R 99)
Toulon Apr 97, Antalya Turkey October12 1998, Adriatic June 1999
Clemenceau (R 98)
Jeanne D'Arc (R 97)
Brest,Training for Officers

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