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10th Year of Publication

Vol 10 No 2 March / April 2005
Eisenhower Back in Fleet
Update: 19 April, 2005

  US Forces Losses War on Terror

Total: 1521 Killed
Wounded: 11,220

April 2005 26
March 2005 36
February 2005 58
January 2005 101
December 2004 79
November 2004 140
October 2004 62
September 2004 79
August 2004 67
July 2004 60
June 2004 52
May 2004 80
April 2004 129
March 2004 42
February 2004 31
January 2004 43
 December 2003 49
November 2003 84
October 2003 47
September 2003 33
August 2003 37
July 2003 42
June 2003 26
May 2003 31
April 2003 92
March 2003 59


DPIA: Docked Planned Incremental Availability

the latest news

Reagan: SanDIg
Stennis:  Bremerton
Roosevelt:  Atlantic
Vinson:  Gulf
Eisenhower: Atlantic
Nimitz:  Pacific
Kennedy:  Atlantic
Kitty Hawk:  Yokosuka
Invincible : Portsmouth
Illustrious : Portsmouth
Ark Royal : Portsmouth (ExR)

Vietnam Time Line
Association of Aviation Ordnancemen
AO Shack
Bluejacket.com :Lots of good Navy stuff
CVF Future UK Carrier
CVX Future Carrier
Site for Future Carrier Studies
USS Intrepid

USS Saratoga (CV-3/60)

USS Hornet (CV-12)

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)

USS Midway (CV-41)

USS Wasp (CV-18)

USS Constellation (CV-64) Decommissioned 7 August 2003
USS Independence (CV-62)
30 September 1998- San Diego
USS America (CV-66
9 Aug 1996 Reserve - Norfolk
USS Ranger (CV-61)
10 Jul 1995 Reserve - Bremerton
USS Saratoga (CV-60)
30 Sep 1994 Stricken - Philadelphia
USS Forrestal (AVT-59)
10 Sep 1993 Stricken - Philadelphia

March 29th: NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) -- The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike) (CVN 69) was redelivered to the fleet March 25, after a four-year, approximately $2.5 billion dollar Refueling Complex Overhaul (RCOH) that brought state-of-the-art equipment and technology to one of America’s premier fighting platforms.

The RCOH included the reconstruction of the ship’s island, the installation of a new antenna mast, the installation of a new radar tower, an upgrade and modernization of combat and communication systems, overhaul of the ship's hull, mechanical and electrical systems, and the refueling of her two nuclear reactors.
(US Navy)

March 21st: JFK to be Mothballed JFK costs $300M a year to run and SecNav and CNO reckons that is too much for a 37 year old ship. Naturally the folks at it's homeport of Mayport Fla. beg to differ. Work on mothballing the ship is expected to begin this September reducing the fleet to 11 ships.

When the Kitty Hawk is decommissioned in 2008, what will replace her, not a nuke as Japan wont't have any of that. So JFK may come back once again.

February 1st 2005: The USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Strike Group will depart San Diego Feb. 1 to begin an around-the-world deployment.

January 3rd 2005: As the CNO told Navy and Marine Corps News in a recent interview, the Navy had a banner year in 2004. One of the most notable accomplishments was execution of the Navy's Fleet Response Plan. The Fleet maintained "6+2" readiness to consistently deliver six forward-deployed or ready-to-surge carrier strike groups (CSG), plus two additional CSGs in 90 days or less. Other major accomplishments include transitioning to new mission areas including missile defense, providing more support for land forces fighting the global war on terrorism, and enhancing organizational alignment of the Navy's people, capabilities and infrastructure.

Current Readiness: "We have to get to the fight faster to seize and retain the initiative. That requires increasing the operational availability of our forces by continuing to refine and test the Fleet Response Plan (FRP)." CNO said a key word in the Navy's future is surge, adding that, "if a resource doesn't have surge capability we are not going to own it." The number one priority is taking the fight to the enemy. To accomplish this, the Navy will also improve its maritime security cooperation initiatives with allied navies and also provide homeland security and force protection.

"Positive change is the bridge to our future. The business of the Navy will always be combat, and victory is both our mission and our heritage. Therefore, my guidance to you this year is to bridge to the future, taking us from today's fight to tomorrow's victories."

January 2nd 2005: While the reported dead in Iraq is well reported (1,336 at present), the larger picture of over 10,000 wounded is often overlooked. A large number of those will have life long disabilities. So the war goes on...

For more news go to NewsBytes 2001/2

Welcome to Carrier Aviation News, a regular newsletter that brings you the news around the Carrier Navy now in its 10th year. Want to contribute? then mail me David 'chuckles' McCandless (take out _at_) and maybe I can publish it here. Thanks to all those who have sent me mail and suggestions.

U.S. Carrier Locations

CVNX-80 to 89
10 more ships in this class planned

Planned start 2009

Planned start in 2006
$110mill R&D for 1999

CVN-77: George HW Bush
Under Construction
Keel Laid 6 September 2003
Named December 9 2002
Commissioning: 2009

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
Capt. James A. Symonds
Future Homeport: NAS North Island July 2004
Commissioned: 2002
Ft Lauderdale November 11 to 14 

USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75)
Capt. Leo Falardeau
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk
2005:  Homecoming Norfolk April 18

USS John C Stennis (CVN-74)
Capt. David H. Buss
CVW-9 NG / CCG 7

2005: Transferring to Bremerton January 2005

USS George Washington (CVN-73)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
Capt. Kendall L. Card

2005: Indonesia January 2005


USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk  
 Bremerton January 2005
Schedule: Change of homeport Norfolk July 2005, Sea Trials after DPIA (290 days) January 2005

USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)
Capt. Rick Wren
Homeport: N.S. Everett
2005:  JTFEX January 18 - 31, Deploys Around the World Cruise February 1, Gulf April 18

USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
Capt. Charles E Smith
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk
2005:  Redelivered to Navy March 25, Atlantic April 18

USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
Capt. Ted N. Branch


USS John F Kennedy (CV-67)
Capt. Ronald H. Henderson, Jr.
CVW-1 AB / CCG 6

2005:  Atlantic April 18

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
Capt. Lawrence Rice

N.S. Norfolk

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
Carrier Strike Group 5
Planned De-commissioning 2008
2005:  SRA January 2005, Feb-March Winter Underway, Hong Kong March 8, Korea March 14, March 28 Yokosuka


Admiral Kuznetsov

Principe De Asturias


HMS Invincible (R 07)
2005: Portsmouth

HMS Illustrious (R 06)
2005:  Portsmouth

HMS Ark Royal (R08)
Extended Readiness thru 2006
2005: Portsmouth

Queen Elizabeth (CVF 1)
100 million pounds awarded November 1999

Prince of Wales (CVF 2)

Charles de Gaulle (R 91)

Commissioned July 1999, Toulon October 4
Foch (R 99)
Toulon Apr 97, Antalya Turkey October12 1998, Adriatic June 1999
Clemenceau (R 98)
Jeanne D'Arc (R 97)
Brest,Training for Officers

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