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Two Hornets collide at Fallon
Constellation Loses Hornet
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Lincoln Loses Hornet
4th F-14 Crash This Year

5th Year of Publication

Vol 6 No 1 January / February 2001
China Strengthens Iraq’s Air Defence
Update: February 23rd Carriers at a Glance:

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Truman: Gulf
Stennis: SanDig
Washington: Med
Lincoln: Everett
Roosevelt: Fort Lauderdale
Vinson: Bremerton
Nimitz: Newport News
Kennedy: Mayport
Enterprise: Norfolk
Constellation: Fort Lauderdale
Kitty Hawk: Yokosuka
Invincible : Portsmouth
Illustrious : Gulf
Ark Royal : Rosyth

Carriers: Links
CVF Future UK Carrier
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Site for Future Carrier Studies
USS Intrepid

USS Saratoga (CV-3/60)

USS Hornet (CV-12)

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)

USS Midway (CV-41)

USS Wasp (CV-18)

Carriers: Decommissioned
USS Independence (CV-62) 30 September 1998- San Diego
USS America (CV-66
9 Aug 1996 Reserve - Norfolk
USS Ranger (CV-61)
10 Jul 1995 Reserve - Bremerton
USS Saratoga (CV-60)
30 Sep 1994 Stricken - Philadelphia
USS Forrestal (AVT-59)
10 Sep 1993 Stricken - Philadelphia

February 16th 24 aircraft including F/A-18’s from the Truman attacked 20 Iraq radar sites around Bagdad. The sites, although not in the no-fly zones, have been sending signals to missile sites in the northern and southern regions. This has been possible due to Chinese involvement in laying fibre optic cable from the radar to the missile sites.

Although the radars were heavily damaged the AGM-130 Joint StandOff Weapon (JSOW), used by navy aircraft, did not perform well often missing their targets by several hundred meters. An enquiry is under way to find the causes. However, the sites are ‘sufficiently shredded’ for the weapon to be considered effective.

Secretary of State Colin Powell has queried the Chinese about there involvement, in what would be a clear breach of UN sanctions. They have denied the allegations.

January 31st The Ronald Reagan will be christened on March 4th at Newport News. It's final expected cost of building (minus reactors) will be between $2.51bill and $2.88bill. The ship is expected to be delivered to the navy in 2003.

January 31st A contract to Newport News for $3.8bill has been let to build CVN-77 (Lexington?), this is minus the reactors and various other components. Expected delivery is 2008.

Welcome to Carrier Aviation News, a regular newsletter that brings you the news around the Carrier Navy now in its 4th year. Want to contribute? then mail me David McCandless and maybe I can publish it here. Thanks to all those who have sent me mail and suggestions.

U.S. Carrier Locations

Planned start in 2006
$110mill R&D for 1999

Planned start in 2001
$3.8bill contract let for building 2001
$213mill for 1999
Only $50mill appropiated for 1998
$18mill appropiated for R&D 1997, a further $300m may be found in the current budget
Commissioning: 2008

Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
Future Homeport: NAS North Island
Under Construction
Commissioning: 2002

USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75)
CVW-3 AC Med/Gulf Cruise 2000/01
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk
2000/2001: Deployed November 28, Souda Bay Crete December 20 - 24, Gulf January 16

USS John C Stennis (CVN-74)
CVW-9 NG / CCG 7

2000: Deployed January 5, EastPac January 18, Hong Kong February 8-12, Gulf March 7-13, Bahrain March 20, Gulf April 3, Jebel Ali April 12, May 1, Hobart June 12-16, Pearl Harbour June 27, Homecoming July 3

USS George Washington (CVN-73)
Med/Gulf Cruise 2000
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk
2000: Deployed Med June 21, Gibralta July 4, Antalya, Turkey July 11 - 15, Suez 17, Gulf July 23 - September 5, Port Said September 30, Corfu October 5 - 8, Ionian Sea October 10, off Crete October 14, off Cypres October 20, Dubrovnik October 30-November 3, Trieste November 6, Naples November 20
Schedule: Homecoming December

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
WestPac Cruise 2000
2000/2001: Deployment August 17, WestPac September 5, Gulf October 2 - December 29, Perth January 12 - 16, Hobart January 21
Milestones: 72000th Trap June 19 1998
Schedule: SanDig February 10, WestPac Cruise June 2002

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk br> 2000: Overhaul(PIA) January 10 - July 2, Norfolk July 2, Atlantic July 28, October 2,Fort Lauderdale October 5

USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)
Homeport: N.S. Everett
2000: Overhaul November 12 1999 - August 29 2000 ($230m), EastPac August 29 - November 20
Schedule: WestPac cruise July 2001

USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
Homeport: N.S. Norfolk

2000:Deployed to Gulf February 18, Adriatic Sea March 6, Trieste March 10, Med March 20-31 (Juniper Stallion March 20-29 off Israel) Souda Bay Crete March 30 - April 3, Med April 12, Haifa, Israel April 14 - 17, Corfu, Greece April 23, Dubrovnic Croatia May 1 -5, Bahrain May31 - June 4, Jebel Ali June 28, relieved July 23, Suez July 28, Lisbon August 4 - 8, Mayport August 16, Homecoming August 18, CVW-7 flew 8,721 sorties this deployment
Awards: June 8, 2000 Battle "E" Atlantic Fleet
Schedule: Port Everglades Fla. January 29

USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
from May 29 1998 Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH) at Newport News(33 months) to February 2001
: May 9, 2000, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

USS John F Kennedy (CV-67)
CVW-1 AB / CCG 6
2000: New York July 4, Atlantic July 5, Boston July 10-16, Mayport September 10

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
N.S. Norfolk
: Norfolk April 20, Atlantic May 1, NAS Pensacola June 9-13, Atlantic October 2, Fort Lauderdale October 5
Schedule: Med Cruise March 2001

USS Constellation (CV-64)

:North Island April 10, July 7, Seattle August 4 - 7, Pacific October 2, San Francisco October 6, Pacific November 6

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
WestPac Cruise '99
Planned De-commissioning 2008
2000: Yokosuka April 10, Spring Cruise April 11 - July, Guam April 17, Singapore May 6-9, Yokosuka July 7, Pacific October 2, Sea of Japan November 6, Yokosuka November 20


Admiral Kuznetsov
Malta,'extended trials'

Principe De Asturias


HMS Invincible (R 07)
1999: Refit Portsmouth October

HMS Illustrious (R 06)
2000: Deployed to Gulf January 17, Atlantic January 19

HMS Ark Royal (R08)
1999: Rosyth naval base major Refit October

CVF 1 / 2
100 million pounds awarded November 1999

Charles de Gaulle (R 91)

Commissioned July 1999, Toulon October 4
Foch (R 99)
Toulon Apr 97, Antalya Turkey October12 1998, Adriatic June 1999
Clemenceau (R 98)
Jeanne D'Arc (R 97)
Brest,Training for Officers

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