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Updated Carrier Locations
TR in Year Long Overhaul - Newsbytes
Connie Departs Gulf - Newsbytes
Stennis Aviator Ejected While Landing - Newsbytes
"Wallbangers" mishap free for 20 years - Newsbytes
Feature: Carrier Air Wing ONE
A Night Aboard Kitty Hawk Pt. 2 with Photos
Vol 2 No 4 July/August 1997    Update: 27th August
Connie Departs Gulf
Due Back Homeport Oct 1

Welcome to the sixth issue of Carrier Aviation News, a regular newsletter that brings you the news around the Carrier Navy. Want to contribute? then mail me David McCandless and maybe I can publish it here. Thanks to all those who have sent me mail and sugestions.

1 US Carrier
1 US Carrier


  Planned start in 2006

  $18mill appropiated for R&D
Commissioning: 2008

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
  Under Construction
Commissioning: 2002

PCU Harry S Truman (CVN-75)
  Under Construction (PreCommissioning Unit)
Commissioning: July 1998

USS John C Stennis (CVN-74)

  Western Atlantic, Norfolk Dec20, Carrier quals Western Atlantic, Halifax Nova Scotia Jun9, West Atlantic Jun16-Jul2, Norfolk Jul3, West Atlantic Aug12-25 Schedule: Med '98 cruise Feb 1998, new homeport San Diego Sep'98

USS George Washington (CVN-73)
  Local Ops West Atlantic Mar, COMPTUEX May27-jun11, Port Everglades Fla. Jun16-18, COMPTUEX West Atlan Jun23, Norfolk Jul3, JTFEX 3-97 West Atlantic Aug18-Sep6 Schedule: Med cruise Sep 97

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
  local ops East Pac Feb, EastPac Jun23, EastPac Jul23-Aug4

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

  Norfolk Va. One year Maintenance to Jul '98 (see newsbytes)

USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)

  Puget Sound.

USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
  Local Ops West Atlantic Mar, CQ's West Atlan May21, Ops West Atlantic Jun16-20, Halifax Nova Scotia Jun23, Norfolk Jul3, West Atlantic Jul14-Aug19, Mayport Fla. Aug25

USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

  Local Ops East Pac Feb/Mar. CQ's,COMPTUEX 97-2, eastern Pacific May, COMPTUEX 97-2B May21, San Diego Jun22/23, EastPac Jun23, KERNAL BLITZ 97 Jun30-Jul3, San Diego Jul3-14, EastPac Jul14, JTFEX97 EastPac Jul16-23, EastPac Jul27-Aug4, Bremerton Aug12 Pre-deployment Onload and Maintenance (POM) - lifetime traps 227,756. Schedule: Aug30 - Open House, Sep1 Westpac cruise via Asia/Med, Mar 98 overhaul/refuel at Newport News(2-3 years).

USS John F Kennedy (CV-67)
Med '97
  In Transit Atlantic Apr29, Marseilles May21, ILLES D'OR Med May27, Palma de Majorca Spain Jun2, Ops Med Jun9, Benidorm Spain Jun11, Ops West Med Jun16-23, Koper, Slovenia Jun30, Ops West Med Jul2, Cannes France Jul3, Med Jul14, INVITEX Med Jul16, en route Corfu, Greece Jul17, Corfu Jul25, Rhodes Greece Jul27-Aug4, Haifa Aug12, Ops Red Sea Aug 19, Arabian Sea Aug25
Schedule: Homecoming Oct

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
  ops West Atlantic Aug12-19

USS Constellation (CV-64)
WestPac '97
  San Francisco: Fleet Week, Computex 96-5A Eastern Pacific, FLEETEX 97-1 Eastern Pacific, Pacific, Sydney, Perth May3, Indian Ocean May9, Arabian Sea May20, INITIAL LINK Arabian Gulf May29, Southern Watch Arabian Gulf Jun2-22, Jebel Ali Jun23, Southern Watch Arabian Gulf Jun30-Jul20, Jebel Ali Jul23,Southern Watch Arabian Gulf Jul27, Jebel Ali Aug4, INSPIRED SIREN/ALERT 97 gulf Aug12, Indian Ocean Aug17-27 Schedule Homecoming San Diego Oct1

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
Planned De-commissioning 2008
  San Diego. Schedule: Bremerton Jul(overhaul), Leaves Bremerton Jul 15,1998 with CVW-5 during RIMPAC 98 to new homeport Yokosuka Japan.

USS Independence (CV-62)

  Yokosuka Japan, Ops WestPac Aug4

2 Russia
2 Russia
Admiral Kuznetsov
  Malta,'extended trials'
3 Ukraine
3 Ukraine
4 Spain
4 Spain
Principe De Asturias
5 Britain
5 Britain
HMS Invincible (R 07)
  The Med
HMS Illustrious (R 06)
  Portsmouth, Sth China Sea Jul97
HMS Ark Royal (R08)
  Portsmouth: Refit

6 France
6 France
Charles de Gaulle (R 91)
  Under Construction at Brest
Foch (R 99)
  Toulon Apr
Clemenceau (R 98)
  Toulon Apr
Jeanne D'Arc (R 97)
  Brest,Training for Officers

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12th Annual USS Boxer (CV-21) Veterans Association,
October 8-12, 1997,
Corpus Christi, Texas
Contact Ed Smith,
409 345-3340 (fax) 409 345-6883
We were an active ship from 1945 until decommissioned in 1969 and scraped. We will be conducting a very moving and patriotic memorial service aboard the USS Lexington. This will be in tribute to all branches of the military, POWs and MIA. Everyone welcome. We usually have about 500 at our meetings.
Seal of the Constellation

Visit The Tailhook Association become a member and receive The Hook, the journal of Carrier Aviation.

7 Misc
7 Misc

CVX Future Carrier
  Site for Future Carrier Studies
USS Intrepid
USS Saratoga (CV-3/60)
USS Hornet (CV-12)
USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)
USS Midway (CV-41)
USS Wasp (CV-18)
Tandem Thrust 97

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